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If you feel you have been dismissed unfairly from work, you may be entitled to make an employment claim. At Savas and Savage Solicitors Ltd, our team of Employment Law Solicitors will look into your employment situation, advise you as to the best course of action, and undertake all legal work to ensure your employment claim is successful.

How do I know whether I have an employment claim?

As an employee you expect to be treated fairly. An employer cannot dismiss you without good reason, or without following fair procedures. An employment claim can be made against your employer in cases where they have acted improperly. our Employment Law Solicitors can give you advice in a variety of scenarios where you may have been treated unfairly.

Some of the scenarios include the following:

    • If You Have Been Unfairly Dismissed Or If You Have Terminated Your Employment As A Direct Result Of The Way In Which You Were Treated.
    • If You Are Being Unfairly Treated At Work And Do Not Know What To Do.
    • If You Have Been Discriminated Against In Respect Of Your Age, Race, Sex, Religion Or Disability.
    • If You Have Been Made Redundant Or Feel You Will Be Made Redundant And Your Employer Has Not Followed Fair Procedures.
    • If You Have Been Asked To Sign A Compromise Agreement And Require Advice As To What This Involves. Our Fees Will Be Payable By Your Employer.
    • If Your Employer Is Being Taken Over By Another Company And You Want To Know What Your Rights Are.

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