Conveyancing Solicitors

Here at Savas and Savage Solicitors Ltd, not only are we experienced in all your conveyancing requirements, but we are compassionate about the stress a new home can bring. We will strive to make the entire process as smooth as possible.

This can include arranging a mortgage for you with an Independent Financial Advisor or even negotiating a better deal on your present mortgage offer at no extra cost.

We can even arrange to negotiate with your mortgage company so that you do not pay our fees and they do instead – so the service is potentially totally free to you!

If you have not yet placed your house for sale, contacting us may save you hundreds of pounds in HIPs fees.

As the issue of conveyancing can be complex, our Conveyancing Solicitorsconveyancing guide that will clarify all the fundamentals of the issue. The guide answers some of the most frequently asked questions and is designed to make the whole process easier for you.


Conveyancing Services


The buying of a property or selling of a property (including land) constitutes a considerable financial commitment and is a complicated process. At Savas and Savage, our highly experienced and skilled conveyancing solicitors can take the load off your shoulders and ensure a smooth and trouble-free transaction. In addition to carrying out all paperwork, our conveyancing solicitors will liaise with the other party and ensure the transaction is completed as swiftly as possible.

Our conveyancing solicitors have considerable experience in all aspects of conveyancing and have represented numerous clients.

Some of our services include:

    • Drafting And Agreeing Contracts.
    • Obtaining All Relevant Searches For The Property You Intend To Buy.
    • Acting On Behalf Of Your Mortgage Lender To Ensure A Speedy Process.
    • Explaining The Various Documentation.
    • Proceeding To Exchange Contracts On Your Behalf.
    • Preparing The Transfer And Mortgage Documents.
    • Obtaining The Mortgage Money From Your Lender If Buying Or Redeeming The Mortgage With Your Lender If Selling.
    • Arranging To Pay Stamp Duty On Your Behalf.
    • Completing The Transactions For Both Sale And Purchase And Ensuring That Your New Home Is Registered In Your Name.
  • As a leading and dynamic firm, we are committed to providing the highest standard of service that encompasses all of the above points and more. Our service is swift and efficient and we provide a free, no obligation quote when requested by telephone, email, or our website contact us page.

    For Further Information, ask for Annette Gardner at 0151 357 2375 or go to our Contact us page.


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